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Costa Rica has opened its boarders to international travelers!

Costa Rica’s government is opening up the borders, and week by week, an update is issued naming the countries from which travelers are allowed to enter. It is planned to fully open up Costa Rica towards November 2020.

The immigration requirements are straight forward. You need to have: 

  • a negative Covid-19 test not older than 72 hours

  • a travel health insurance covering Covid-19

  • and you have to fill in an online health form before your departure. Here is the link:

How is traveling in Costa Rica these days?

Well, road traffic has decreased, and at the moment, some hotels and restaurants are still closed (hopefully only temporarily). Most national parks and beaches have reopened. You can feel it everywhere: the locals welcome you back and give you the VIP treatment. You might have a national park fully to yourself, hearing the small creeks murmuring, the sounds of the insects, birds, and the in the distance some monkeys arguing with each other. 

It is also a great time to explore the beaches. Some of them are only accessible by foot or water, and you can have them entirely to yourself. Your local hosts will be more than happy to direct you to these secret beaches.

As I said before, you receive the full VIP treatment!

During September through November, you can get great deals in hotels and restaurants as well as from the local tour operators. It is now a great time to explore Costa Rica, and you can experience the country in a way like never before.

We at AquaQuepos can help you find the right accommodation, direct you to great restaurants, and of course, organize a great fishing trip or relaxing cruise. 

We are working with some of the best hotels and B&Bs in Quepos/Manuel Antonio. Together we offer all-in packages, covering all price ranges, and we can arrange accommodation and activities. Starting with your pick-up at the airport, booking your hotel, arranging your tours and adventure trips, local knowledge included. Please contact us for details.

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